Seakeeper Ride

Seakeeper Ride Underway

How Seakeeper Ride Works

Seakeeper Ride controllers mount to your boat’s transom, below the waterline. Using custom, proprietary inertial sensing hardware and software, the system understands how the boat is behaving in all three axes and commands deployment of the rotary blades to counteract pitch, roll, and yaw. As the blades deploy, they create lift at the transom, managing the vessel’s motion instantaneously.

Why It’s Better

Wave motions can happen consistently or inconsistently, they can be big or small, and can come from any direction. Often, these motions occur in just milliseconds. Thanks to expert control software and hardware, Seakeeper Ride’s proprietary, rapid-deployment rotary blades make 100 adjustments every second to combat wave motions.

Seakeeper Ride’s automatic list control keeps the deck level regardless of uneven or moving weight distribution. When we say automatic, we mean it. With Seakeeper Ride, you aren’t getting a finger workout making constant adjustments to combat list or heel. Think of it as your personal psychic, predicting motion and stopping it before it starts. So, when your buddy crosses the deck to open the cooler (again), we’ve got you both covered.

Nailing your hole shot is important for safety, performance, and fuel efficiency. Seakeeper Ride gives you a faster acceleration to get you on a plane faster without ever losing sight of the horizon.