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Fountain Boat Models

Powerful History

Fountain Powerboats have been one of the premiere designers and manufacturers of ultra-high-performance speed boats, sport cruisers and offshore fishing boats for decades. Our Founder, Reggie Fountain Jr., entered his first boat race at the age of 14. He eventually moved into the professional world of boat racing and by the second year of his career, Fountain set two world records and earned three national closed-course championships in one day – thus, assuring him a place in boat racing history. From that time onward, he created the most innovative, high-quality, powerful boats know across the world.

Today, Iconic Marine Group continues the Fountain tradition of bringing new, innovative products to the market. Our 2021 Bluewater fishing boats continue to carry the DNA that made Fountain the most award-winning brand in boating history. Crafted by the premier marine design team in the world, every Fountain mixes quality construction, with unmatched performance and unique style.

High Performance Boats

Power Catamarans