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Blackfin Boat Models



Craftsmanship and History

Our aim at Blackfin Boats is to build on a legendary brand heritage while incorporating the latest in design, engineering and materials to deliver state-of-the-art fishing boats unmatched in durability, safety, build quality and warranty.


A passionate team of craftsmen and engineers combined their expertise to create the toughest and most beautiful line of Blackfin Boats. With a solid construction using carbon fiber reinforced hull, top-of-the-line technology with digital engine monitoring and pioneer solutions like the pantographic smart door will provide an updated boating experience.


Blackfin Boats offer the best of all worlds. Designed by fishermen, the vessels each include a freeboard with bolsters, a seaquarium flow-through baitwell, an all-access hatch, a carbon-tech solid composite running surface, and countless other elite features that make this a fisherman’s dream boat.

Our new Blackfin Boats can quickly transform from an ideal fishing hub to the weekend hotspot for your family with yacht-grade hardware. Each boat also has a swim platform, comfortable seating for the entire family, including cushioned bow upholstery with removable back rests, flip-down transform seating, an insulated cooler, and much more.

Blackfin – perfect for both family bonding and professional fishing.

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