If the start to 2021 hasn’t been crazy enough for you yet, wait because Mercury has just dropped a bomb on all of us with the introduction of its new 600hp Verado V12. With the unveiling of this new power plant, Mercury stands to achieve the impossible by increasing power while still maintaining fuel economy, comfort, & reliability.

Fuel Efficiency & Innovation

The outboard goliath proves you don’t have to sacrifice fuel economy for more power. After conducting tests, Mercury states you will see 20% better fuel economy than competitors with 150 less horsepower and 15% faster cruise speeds. The outboard also boasts a two-speed transmission allowing for maximum torque out of the hole and smooth shifting when moving through the power band.


What’s most impressive about this new engine is not only the block configuration but the independent, steerable gearcase. What is that you might ask? Well, simply put the outboard works like a pod system with no movement from the engine above the water allowing only the lower unit to articulate adding to a wider range of maneuverability.

Where Will it Go From Here?

What’s next from Mercury is a mystery but as always the brand is exceeding expectations. As we move deeper into 2021 we may see different configurations, lines, or power options from the V12 and the brand as a whole. For now we will have to wait and see but Mercury may be proving that its possible to have your cake and eat it too.