About Our Process

We at Pier 53 Marine believe in a diligent and communicative listing process. Our listings are displayed across the web on familiar sights such as Boat Trader & Yacht World. Along with social media presence, your boat is sure to gain the audience & attention for a quick sale.

We start by running a thorough pricing analysis on your vessel to get you a quick and accurate listing price. From there we are able to price the boat accordingly with other listings. We then send one of our expert sales staff to the boats location to photograph and document the boat. Once this process is completed then a listing is compiled, created, and posted for sale.

What Do We Provide?

As mentioned, communication is key with all of our clients. We believe in keeping you informed and in the know with regards to how your boat is performing. Our sales staff will take care of the entire sales process so you don’t have to. That’s right! The entire process. This includes photographing your boat for the listing. We even handle showings and paperwork. Monthly performance updates are sent out via email to every brokerage client allowing you to track the progress of your boat & the listing. So, interested in getting your boat sold? Click the brokerage agreement link below to get started.

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